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Remote Control WiFi Receiver for Multicolor Led Strips Dimmer for Led Strip Dual White Controller

The controller easily adapts to all types of multi white LED lights 12V-24V. View ultra bright LED light strips here.

  • EXCELLENT ELECTRICAL INSULATION: Made of high-quality PC material, has excellent electrical insulation, flame resistance and chemical resistance.
  • STRONG ANTI-INTERFERENCE ABILITY: Low power consumption, long range and has a strong anti-interference.
  • SUIT YOUR NEEDS: Change the shade of white to suit your needs, choose cold white at working hours or warm white for relaxing atmosphere of your dual-white LED strip.
  • Compatible with: 2.4Ghz RF Wireless White LED Remote Controller


The controller easily adapts to all types of multi white LED lights 12V-24V.

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  1. Please check whether the input voltage of the constant voltage power supply is in accordance with the controller, and please check the connection of both the cathode and anode, otherwise, the controller could be damaged.
  2. Please do not make any connections while the unit is powered up. To prevent a short circuit, DO NOT power unit until all connections are tight.
  3. Use of the controller and remote can be affected by metal buildings, nearby overhead power lines, and nearby electromagnetic waves.

Why LUXX Light Technology

Every day we receive phone calls from customers that have purchased LED strips online. Many times we hear that they’ve experienced the following issues:

  • 50% of calls about LED strip lighting are from people that cannot get assistance from the company they originally purchased from.
  • When using subsidiary Tier 2+ LEDs that are sold on many websites today, the LED’s brightness will diminish too fast, as early as after 6+ months of use.
  • Our LED strips are Tier 1 ANSI binned and are guaranteed to consistently maintain min. 70% of the original brightness throughout their expected lifetime.
  • Our 2-year warranty is from a company that has been in business for 23 years, and we’re based in St. Francis, WI
  • We work closely with our customers, answer all of their questions and make sure they buy the right product that is exactly what they need.

We are here to help you! Call us anytime at (414) 763-3141 or email us at

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