2.4Ghz RF Wireless White LED Remote Controller

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4 Zones Function Dimmer Adjustable LED Lamp Panel Warm Cool White Brightness Control

Total brightening and dimming control for 2700K-6500K LED Strips! View ultra bright LED strips here

4 Zones Function Dimmer Adjustable LED Lamp Panel Warm Cool White Brightness Control

  • Excellent electrical insulation, flame resistance and chemical resistance
  • The center of the touch screen is the main function of the control
  • Quickly change the intensity of the light or the color temperature in the room.
  • Control your lighting with your mobile device (such as a smart phone or tablet), is available only through the appropriate Wi-Fi module.
  • Easy linking and easy operating. The remote control is totally autonomous and works with 2 batteries (not included).
  • Compatible with: LED Strip Dual White Controller


This four-zone LED radio remote control, which allows individual control of each zone using the radio receiver. The multifunctional remote allows you to change the brightness and color temperature with the available buttons.

Why LUXX Light Technology

Every day we receive phone calls from customers that have purchased LED strips online. Many times we hear that they’ve experienced the following issues:

  • 50% of calls about LED strip lighting are from people that cannot get assistance from the company they originally purchased from.
  • When using subsidiary Tier 2+ LEDs that are sold on many websites today, the LED’s brightness will diminish too fast, as early as after 6+ months of use.
  • Our LED strips are Tier 1 ANSI binned and are guaranteed to consistently maintain min. 70% of the original brightness throughout their expected lifetime.
  • Our 2-year warranty is from a company that has been in business for 23 years, and we’re based in St. Francis, WI
  • We work closely with our customers, answer all of their questions and make sure they buy the right product that is exactly what they need.

We are here to help you! Call us anytime at (414) 763-3141 or email us at

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